Bitcoin Regression Bands

Identifying peaks and lows using logarithmic Bitcoin regression bands

Bitcoin logarithmic regression bands help distinguish between times of mania-fueled speculative price bubbles and potential accumulation periods. Using Bitcoin logarithmic price bands, it may be possible to determine at any given point in time whether it is a good time to buy or sell Bitcoin. Below chart displays 2 logarithmic regression price bands. When price is in the red channel, potentially Bitcoin is in a period of accumulation and it could be a good time to buy Bitcoin. When price is in the green channel, it may be a sign that price has reached the peak of a mania-fueled bubble and that it may be a good time to sell, or rather not buy Bitcoin.

All-time Bitcoin Regression Bands

30 Day Bitcoin Regression Bands

90 Day Bitcoin Regression Bands

1 Year Bitcoin Regression Bands

4 Year Bitcoin Regression Bands

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